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What is Re-oraclize? is a well-known commercial service that delivers external data to blockchain, providing smart contracts with necessary information.

Re-Oraclize is a decentralized application (DApp, smart contract) on the Ethereum blockchain that requests data from and transfers it to other smart contracts, – cheaper, easier and faster!

Available tool: ETH/USD (

Why use Re-oraclize?

Re-Oraclize is a necessary tool for launching and managing an ICO, smart contract or DApp, that need regular updating of ETH/USD data.

To reduce the cost of the query from external web data providers for your smart contract.

To simplify the procedure of updating data. Integration of our smart contract is much easier than the integration of external data providers like

To accelerate the request for necessary information. All you need to do is to simply read data from a regularly updated smart contract on blockchain.

How to use Re-oraclize?

Integration Re-oraclize in the smart contract.
1. Import Re-oraclize code into your smart contract
2. Inherit your smart contract from ReoraclizerUser
3. Call the method updatePrice() to update the variable priceEthUsd
4. Use the priceEthUsd variable for calculations
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