Where do you get the value of ETH/USD?

From CoinMarketCap.com

Why your price is much cheaper than on Oraclize.it?

We give a smaller value to ETH/USD than Oraclize.it does, because we make data distribution.

Why do you use Oraclize.it?

Oraclize.it is well-known for its reliability and popular with smart contract developers.

How often do you update the price?

Once per hour.

Do you plan to add other tools?

Yes, we are planning to expand the list of tools.

Who Are You?

We are a team of programmers specializing in technical solutions for ICOs. The idea to create Re-Oraclize was born during the development of one of the smart contracts, where it was necessary to regularly obtain the value of ETH/USD via Oraclize.it. We found this feature useful for a huge number of smart contract developers and DApps.

Have any additional questions?

Ask in our Telegram Group!